Pre - Lease Services
At D'YAKIN, we provide comprehensive pre-lease report to aid in your consideration and decision making in selection of suitable new ideal premises.

  • Audit and analysis of existing facility.
  • Determination of space requirements.
  • Comparative studies of refurbishing against relocating
  • Trial fits solutions of short listed buildings.

Interior Design & Planning
We're driven by experience, passion, creativity and commitment to help our clientele in finding creative design solutions that satisfy human, physical, technical, aesthetic and functional needs.

D'YAKIN is devoted to successful brand implementation that incorporates consistent vision, out-of-the-box thinking and cost effective delivery.

Procurement & Total Fit-out Solutions
Since our establishment in 1989, we've accumulated vast experience, expertise and skills in procurement, renovation and construction to ensure that all our client's project is executed with precision, highest quality and delivered on schedule / time.

D'YAKIN work directly and closely with a panel of suppliers to ensure lower cost, quality control and timely delivery. We're also in position to assist in sourcing your other special needs in security system, card access, audio visual system etc.

Building Engineering Services
At D'YAKIN, we also design mechanical and electrical systems that are compatible with base building provisions and also to meet our client's operation specification as well as safety standards.

By integrating our expertise and your needs for electrical, IT data, lighting, air-conditioning and fire services, the end result will be a optimal distribution and performance throughout the office.

Project Management
D'YAKIN team of professionals has the ability, knowledge and commitment to manage from pre-construction, during construction till completion of the project according to client deadline.

Our team will also be coordinating with clients nominated sub-contractor (i.e, security system etc), local authorities, building management and other needs. Thus saving your time and money by eliminating hassles and downtime and allowing you to concentrate in your business.

Reinstatement & Aftercare
We also provide service of reinstatement of existing premises that are to be surrounded and handover in the same condition they were in when the space was taken up. Careful management of this process is essential to ensure client's fit-out deposit at the vacated premises will be returned in shortest possible time.

As part of our commitment to client, we provide aftercare services to attend to any possible needs after warranty period.